Meet my cat, Lil Shadow (:


My uncle died last year in his sleep. He was old. He was my favorite uncle ever. Uncle Bert. He was married to his wife Aunt Rosalie since they was 18 years old. Over 70 years they were married. And so when he passed away. Well, I called Aunt Rosalie, and at the time, we we going to be adopting the kitten we have now (Shadow) and when I told her that. She said, that Uncle Bert really wanted a cat before he had passed away. And she said he is smiling from up above and is happy we have a kitten because he wanted one. So we named him Shadow in a meaningful way, that symbolizes Uncle Bert watching over us through Shadow. Hence Uncle Bert’s Heavenly Shadow watching over us through our cat.


To be honest we had Shadow as his name, and it was gonna be like Shadow the hedgehog from Sonic and friends. But then when Uncle Bert passed away. We gave it a bigger and deeper meaning.

Meet my cat, Lil Shadow (:

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