Don’t Mind The Haters

The topic for today is Hate. Hate is a word wrapped in jealousy. People who hate other individuals usually are envious of someone or something another person has. Pretty much, when someone hates another person, they usually are jealous of something the person has, where they are in their life, who they are dating, their body type, their looks, etc. If that is why they are hating, then why do people get so upset. I don’t understand why people get so upset when others talk crap about them. (I won’t lie, when I was younger I would get upset when people said bad stuff about me. But I grew out of it.) Like why should you get mad about someone talking crap about you if you know what they are saying is not true. That Haterade is my motivation. Most people who hate are just jealous of you. So why waste your time feeling upset. When really you should feel quite fabulous. Don’t let haters bring you down. They enjoy watching you fail. Use their hate as energy and motivation. That should be your fuse to keep pushing to keep doing what you’re doing. Mostly since, what you are doing must be right in the hater’s eyes. So keep brushing off those haters and just do you. Live your life and feel fabulous. Don’t mind what the haters say about you!! You are better than that!!
Love, Sai

Don’t Mind The Haters

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