Autumn is here

Good afternoon everyone! Today is the 1st of September in the America. (Well, when I started typing this post, it was that day. Now it is September 7, 2016.) I know in different parts of the world, it is a different season than where I live. One of my favorite seasons is fall. Autumn is a season that is a time for letting go and escaping things that have been a heaviness or burden. When you see the leaves falling upon the ground, you are reminded of nature’s cycles. Spiritually, fall is a time of new beginnings or transitions. Many people look forward to fall because it is a very genuine time. People come together, celebrate each other’s presence, being reminded of the meaning of gratitude, among other meaningful things that each individual is thankful for. I love fall personally, because the air becomes cooler (sweater weather), the time of when the sunsets is earlier (so I like wrapping up in a blanket and watching movies by 7 pm), the pumpkin patches are being set up (which are so much fun, because sometimes there are cool scarecrow mazes or hayrides), and most importantly the kindness and selflessness I see at this time touches my heart (clothes and food drives, soup kitchens, helping the homeless, donations to plenty of different foundations, and many other random act of kindness). Now you can see why I love this season so much. It is a beautiful time of the year. I just wanted to share my thoughts about it.
Just a side note: Hope everyone is having an amazing day! For anyone who is having a not so good day, look to God. He is always good. Never doubt what the Lord can do. Stay positive, be thankful, and never lose Faith. Good things come to those who are patient.

Peace. Love. Happiness.
Sai (:

Autumn is here

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