Pain is Temporary

Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about pain. Pain within us everyday, pain you see in someone’s eyes, pain on the news, pain around the world, pain in general.
Pain is temporary. Some don’t believe such a thing. Though, think about it. This life we live is temporary. So why dwell on the pain that runs through our veins everyday? Is it because it is more addicting to look into the negatives in our lives, rather than the positives? Is it because one is more easier than the other? Sometimes doing the harder thing is the right decision. Not everything in life comes easy.
Unfortunately, the world is a chaotic place that we live in.  Things do happen out of our control. People get shot, mocked, beaten, abused, all for being a certain race, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, among many other reasons. It is such a saddening thing. We are all supposed to love one another, yet we are to get each other. It breaks my heart truly, no one deserves to be treated such a way. I love everyone for who they are. I don’t judge. If you’ve personally been judged; then you should know how it feels. It takes you to a dark place, even to the point of question your own life. I don’t understand why people would rather react with violence in a situation where they feel uneasy, unsafe, or accused of such terrible acts. People don’t know how to create peace, so they react in violence is the only reason I can think of. Hopefully one day, we will all come together and make peace with one another. I really hope for good things like world peace.
Pain in general. Pain in general is found in each and every one of us. People don’t realize that everyone around us has dealt with pain to a certain level. Some hide it behind their smiles, some hide it behind the door to their household, some hide it behind the music they listen to, and even some hide it under their sleeves of their t-shirts or jackets. Just remember that you probably see pain in someone everyday, though you haven’t noticed. Just because it isn’t on the surface, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Look deeper than the surface. Just a reminder.

Peace. Love. Happiness.
Sai (:

Pain is Temporary

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