Behind the Mask…

Whenever I tell my friends or people I work with, my struggle, they look at me with a surprised expression because they tell me they would never have guessed that I struggle with depression. I wear this “mask” that gives a vibe that everything is okay and I am happy. But in reality I am not. People have a tendency to wear these types of “masks”. Where they act a certain way with their friends, and then act a different way with their family, and then act another way at work. Though, when they are by themselves, they act fully themselves as if no one is watching. It is quite common for us humans to do this. But when it becomes a habit and you can recognize it, it may then soon become a problem. That is only because people are here to help you and care for you. But if they do not know what you are really going through and what you are really feeling; they can not help you. Just a thought for today.

Peace. Love. Happiness.
Sai (:

Behind the Mask…

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