Gotham Tv Show

I love the Gotham tv show!! I am so hooked on the series. I love the way the creators made a back story to each character. I liked the way they portrayed the Scarecrow. It was very interesting how they showed what he saw through his eyes. I actually don’t have much knowledge of Gotham and the comic books. Though, my boyfriend keeps me informed, because he’s a fan of the superheroes and comic books. I watched him play Arkham Knight on the xbox one. I thought it was a very cool video game. I think it helped me understand the Gotham show a little better. The main superhero tv shows I enjoy watching are: Arrow, Lucifer, Gotham, Young Justice League, and Supergirl. I may be missing a few others. Though, I cannot remember at the moment. Though everyone who knows me well, knows my favorite tv show of all time is Gossip Girl!!! I love Chuck and Blair!!!! They are my favorite couple and characters in that show! I have watch all seasons through almost 5 times!!! I cannot get enough of that show! Anway, I guess I was just wanted to share some personal interests with everyone. Okay, have a great day!!

Peace. Love. Happiness.
Sai (:

Gotham Tv Show

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