R.I.P. Grammy

December 15th is the 1 year death date of my grandma. She was my best friend. She was one of the smartest women in my life. She was a survivor of breast cancer. She gave me hope. I have been very angered. I never got to go the her funeral. I wasn’t invited. This is my grandmother; the mother of my foster mother that no longer associates with me. The foster family I used to have hasn’t talked to me in 3 years. They want nothing of me. Though, I still have a big place in my heart for my Grammy. She was very special to me. She always will be. She taught me how to be tough when I was bullied in school. She taught me self respect and confidence. She taught me how a young woman should act like. She was my #1 role model in my life. She was everything to me. My sunshine on a cloudy day. Literally, we’d sing you are my sunshine. She loved that song. I will never forget the good times we’d have together. She always came to visit for summer and the Christmas holidays. Her birthday was December 24th, Christmas Eve. So her death reminds me that we aren’t always promised a tomorrow and that every day we wake up to, is a blessing. I know she’s watching over me now. She is in a happier place and in the Hands of the Lord. I love her so much. Rest in Peace Grammy E. I will never forget you and all that you taught me.
XO – Sai

R.I.P. Grammy

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