Where are you mama?

Mama. Where are you? I have longed to one day meet you. I was sent to America not even remembering what you looked like because I was a baby. Do I look like you? Do I act like you? Questions I ask myself. I know you gave me up for a good reason. Though, not knowing who your birthmom is, well it’s an empty hole in my life; in my heart. I feel empty. You thought you gave me up to a great foster family, yet they abandoned me after raising me for almost 18 years. They abused me, raped me, hurt me, broke me, abandoned me. Though, I am safer now mama. I have a new family who loves me unconditionally, which I thank God everyday for! I just feel sad. I really want to know you. I want to hug you. Show you how strong of a daughter you have. How beautiful of a daughter you have. How people are inspired by your daughter. I wish you could see me now mama. You would be proud. You would be proud. I love you mama. I will always be thankful for you. I technically wouldn’t be here if you didn’t birth me. So thank you mama. One day I will go back to India to find you. I hope I meet you mama. I love you.

Your daughter, 

Sai Chandrika 💜

Where are you mama?

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