Live your life the way you may.
This is all I have to say.
What if your life was like a bare tree?
All you wanted was to be free.
Through my eyes that’s what I see.
That’s only if you were me.
What if you breathed no air?
Would you dream or would you dare?
Or maybe you’d just stand and stare.
Thinking how your life’s unfair.
How about those 2 “love” birds?
I guess you never heard.
What’s the meaning of the word.
Don’t you think that’s a bit absurd?
Give me to the count of 3.
I’ll tell you what life means to me.
To be or not to be.
Life to Death or Peace to Liberty.
What if death was coming your way?
And you even knew the day?
In most cases I must say,
You may collapse and there you lay.
Up to Heaven you will go.
You’ll get cleansed from head to toe.
It’s a fact that you must know.
You’ll be shining in the light of your Halo.
So… What will it be?
Hanging like leaves on a tree?
Finding that you are free?
Or will you live your life just like me?
Choose life and then you’ll see.

Xo, Sai  


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