Good News

I am back to tell you good news! I got a new job! I am not sure if I should tell the whole world where I work. Though, I will say I have it good!! I literally get paid to watch Netflix. I don’t do much. I get to sit all day, and serve my customers. It is pretty awesome. I just give them candy or cigarettes or put money on the pump of gas they are using, and they’ll be on their merry way. I even get insurance through my work! It is amazing!!! If I don’t like the position I work now, I can be changed to work in the store itself. I work in a little box. I start tomorrow. I am pretty excited. Everyone knows me up at the store. B works there and so do a lot of my friends. So I have many people who have their best interest in me. I am blessed and grateful!! I got hired on the spot. I was so nervous for the interview. Brannen didn’t tell me they were going to just hire me. I had no clue. He is great at surprises!! It definitely made it more exciting!!

Anyway, other exciting news; B got a raise!! I am really happy for him! Also, I am supposed to be helping his step dad make a WordPress website!! He wants my help! I am excited to help!! I feel honored! A few people have wanted me to help them make a WordPress website. Some of them are just trying to be like me, and others are actually trying to make a name for themselves! So I feel honored that I can help them all out!

Also, now that I have a new job, I am hoping to upgrade my plan for my website. I want to get one of the month to month plans!! I think it has more to offer and will make my website more attractive!!! Another thing, is that I am finally going to be switching over to the iPhone 7. I have always been an Android user. Though, everyone in my circle and family have the iPhone!!! So I think it”ll be nice for me!! Then I ‘ll have my Facetime clearer, because I have an old iPhone 4s that I don’t use as often as my active phone which is an HTC Desire. I am just getting tired of my Android phone. I think I will make the switch! #iPhoneUser

Anyway, I was really excited to tell you all the great news of April!

Peace. Love. Sai (:


Good News

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