My Top 5 Followers #Shoutout

Thank you to all the people who like my posts and read them daily.

I feel bad. I have OCD sometimes when I am stressed. I do read your blogs and daily entries. I sometimes have a hard time liking them. It has to be a pattern. Like and then unlike until it’s even. So if I ever like your posts, know I felt accomplished. I have bad OCD when liking things, even on instagram. I try my best to share the love back. Do know I try. If you do get a star, know I was really happy I could!! I enjoy all the people I follow. You all have great writings and great entries!! You all are very inspiring and awesome!! I love you all!!

Shoutout to my top 5 followers out of my 39 followers:

Bebe, Little Fears, MakeItUltra, BeautyBeyondBones, & Filipemoleiro.

Ya’ll show the most love!! I hope others will follow you all!! You have amazing blogs that are very inspiring!!

Have a great day!

Xo, Sai (:

My Top 5 Followers #Shoutout

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