It’s my mama’s bday!!

Mama!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!! I am so blessed to know you! You have changed my life for the better!! I really appreciate your presence in B & my life! I am more than thankful for everything you’ve done for us! I’m glad I can call you my mama. I’m so proud of that! It makes me feel loved & cared for! I almost lost faith in the word family until you entered my life. God restored what I had lost and gave me something even better which was you. You are the definition of what a real and true mother is. You sacrifice anything to make sure your family is cared for and they know that they are loved. I admire how strong you are and how genuinely kind you are to your family and everyone around you. Thank you for inspiring me and letting me be one of your own and accepting me into your family. You have a beautiful heart & soul!!! I love youuu! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Have an amazing day! 😁🙌👑💖

Love Always, Sai 

(This post is for a woman in my life that I call my mama. She has been present in my life for about 3 years now. I admire her & I am so grateful to have such a beautiful woman in my life who I can call my mama or mommy.) 

It’s my mama’s bday!!

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