Hey everyone!!! I have been on a break from my  blog, due to working again. I have been working 2 weeks now at my new job!! I love it so much!! I am happy with the job! My manager is so amazing and the work is light. My customers love me. They give positive feedback to my boss. I even got my first gold star sticker for my name tag!! I am the first to ever get one in my department! I am so excited and feel honored!!

I actually will  be able to make posts on here even when I am at work, if I want to. I am allowed to watch Netflix, text, video chat, even draw or color. It is an easy job. There are maybe 7 to 10 tasks that are important throughout the whole 8 hour shift. It isn’t that hard. I have a lot of down time, which is why my manager just says do what you like as long as you do the tasks that need to be done. He says I am doing great there!!

I do get kind of annoyed. Many customers the guys mostly try to hit on me. It irritates me how they can be very disrespectful. I just say I am married at this point. Saying I am engaged, makes them still try to flirt with me. Though if I say I am married, they die down on the flirting.

Other than that, It is amazing at work!! My manager said be thankful you are blessed with good looks, because if you weren’t, you could get the opposite of the nice comments. Like customers hating and saying crude things about your looks or weight, etc. So I guess that is a positive out look on it.

Xo, Sai





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