Two weeks ago

Two weeks ago I completed my 90 probation period of working at my new job. Every job usually has that 90 probation period where you can't call off and they make sure you are a good worker. Well guess what. I'm a great worker. I only had to call off once due to my close friend passing away. The head manager let it pass because I lost a loved one. And he didn't mark it as a bad thing. I have the highest customer service reviews for good service and being nice and friendly. I have a good reputation there as well. I'm at work now blogging this through the WordPress mobile app. It's very laid back where I work. My manager is nice. It's been a slow night. It stormed a lot today. Thunder, lightning, and rain!! I still have an hour and a half to go. Haha. I'll be off work soon enough.

Xo, Sai

Two weeks ago

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