Then and Now

The ways I have grown in the past 5 years are:

5 years ago was 2013. The year everything changed. I went from being a young adult with so said ADHD to a young adult with Bipolar Type 1 Severe with Psychosis. A young adult who had to take medication for a mental disorder to now being stable without medication. A young adult who wasn’t close with God, who now prays almost everyday and preaches about how God showed her the way to a better life. A person who had a “family” for 17 years to a person who’s “family” abandoned her within a day. A woman who used to fear many things, who is now more courageous than she ever was. A person who decided to let everything around her be in the way of her main focus and goals, to now being a person with a stable job and steady income. An individual who was suicidal and now is 4 years clean of such tendencies and thoughts. A person who used to cry over the tiniest bullshit to finally becoming a more mature and stronger person who had overcome some difficult situations and challenges. A person who didn’t feel confident in her own skin to now being an inspiration to many who aren’t confident. A person who used to care what others thought of her to now being herself and not letting anyone bring her down. A young woman who had a passion to help others but didn’t know how to. To now being this inspiring individual to so many people. I have grown a lot since then and now each day is a new day for new opportunities and life experiences. 

Peace. Love. Sai 🙂

Then and Now

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