I miss you

Have you ever missed someone, without even meeting them? I do. I miss my mother, even though I have never met her. I have been depressed lately. I am not sure if it was triggered by the fact that mother’s day is indeed tomorrow.

Last night, B and I bought his mom mother’s gifts. As I was grabbing some items, my friend asked me what I was getting my mother, since she saw me buying things for B’s mom. My friend wasn’t aware of my situation yet. She though I could ship the gifts to India. She had no clue I haven’t my mother.

Is it weird for me to say I love my mother? I think the world of her. I dream of her and the beauty she holds. I pray one day, I meet her. I feel a spark in my heart that one day I could be standing side by side with my mother. I could somehow stumble upon her. The world is so small. Fate has a way. God has a plan.

I am sad. An orphan I was born. An orphan I became again. Though, I have a mother. I have a father. I will dream until my wish comes true. That is my biggest wish of all. That is my dream. Most people dream and wish to be married or to have a fairy tale life. Others wish to have a roof over their head and food on the table. I wish to meet my mother. We all have wishes and dreams.

What is yours?

Xo, Sai


I miss you

Karma comes as good & bad.

One thing you have to learn is that you can’t run away from the consequences from your own actions. If you steal, eventually you will get caught. If you lie, each lie will eventually catch up to you. If you bully someone, you will eventually get in trouble for it. Each action you make will eventually catch up to you whether it is a good or bad consequence.

Sometimes people say your past will catch up to you or that it will haunt you. I am not really sure about that, like if it’s compleletly true. I can just say from experience, you are in control of your future. Each choice you make, there is an aftermath. Each choice has a good or bad aftermath. That’s what I learned.

It’s kind of like Karma. Karma comes as good and bad. What you put out in the world, is what will come back to you. What goes around comes back around. Always remember that. Like if you gave a homeless person a meal from McDonald’s, some clothes, and some blankets. You have given out kindness to the world. One day you an act of kindness will come your way. That’s just how I feel.

Have a great day,

Xo, Sai (:

Karma comes as good & bad.